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Over the past few hours and in the coming days, millions of you will get to experience VALORANT’s full release as we bring servers back on-line after five days of launch preparation.

?’ You can have both, and this crosshair used by Crazyface proves that. It’s a small and thin cyan crosshair with a dot in the middle, making it a nice blend between the tap-driven dot crosshair and the slightly easier to use regular crosshair.

However, many leakers in the community expect Valorant Mobile’s beta to go live globally by the end of 2023 or early 2024. If this does happen, then the full game can launch a few weeks after the beta period comes to an end.

Valorant is a tactical shooter where knowing the enemy’s location is paramount to winning a round. It’s why Cypher’s intel gathering abilities are so powerful and why the newest agent, Shatter, has an ability that misdirects opponents with fake footsteps.

Despite his young age, nAts is a player who has been around for quite some time. The crosshair that he likes to use is one that’s been around in tactical shooters since pretty much forever: a small, green crosshair with outlines so that it stays visible even when looking at very bright surfaces.

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This includes Killjoy’s turret being placed underneath the map where it couldn’t be detected or destroyed. When players discovered this bug on Haven, Riot disabled Killjoy while developers fixed the issue. But some gamers in the Valorant community valorant stats were confident that Riot would never address the trick at all.

Others will revert to just a single primary crosshair. If you want three different crosshairs in this case, go to “General” settings and turn advanced options on to get ADS and sniper back.

"I think we have been pretty open about the fact that we've been exploring other platforms and doing work and seeing if we could actually bring the great experience of the game onto different platforms, given different control schemes and stuff like that.

Dot crosshair VALORANT settings & codesCheck this full guide on how to create your own VALORANT dot crosshair with settings & codes...

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One obvious downside of this crosshair is that it’s white and very small, so if you’re looking at bright background (while tracking a Raze flying through the air, for example) you might lose it in the fray.

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